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Junk Removed Now is here to serve you Colorado Springs, CO. with our amazing junk removal skills!

Junk Removal Quote | What should you expect for this no obligation junk removal quote?

We will come in our professional truck with our amazing team. We will be in our best junk removing uniforms. We will discuss with you all the items that you would like hauled away. All of our rates are based upon the volume the junk takes in the truck. We will follow your lead as you inform us with everything that you wish to disappear. Once we have this information we will give you our estimate. We do all this before any work starts. Our team members will go over all estimated prices before any work is started. We will only start removing junk once you give us the go ahead to remove it. As we go through this process of removing these items we will communicate immediately if anything has changed our estimate. 

Once its all loaded up in the truck and ready to go. We will go back over what we have done and confirm with you we have hauled away all the junk. From there we will go over what the final charges will be and if anything changed.