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Junk Removed Now (to the Rescue)

Say Goodbye to Bulky Furniture You Don’t Want

Furniture like sofas and mattresses provides a lifetime of comfort until they need to be removed. Throwing them out with the trash just won’t work and isn’t helpful to the environment. Junk Removed Now takes unwanted furniture from spaces of all shapes and sizes. You get peace of mind, and we make sure to recycle or repurpose what we can in an eco-friendly way.

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Less Unwanted Furniture and More Relaxation

Moving out an old sofa, mattress, cabinet, or whatever furniture is cluttering your space is never a one-person job. Let us do the heavy lifting and repurposing for you with furniture removal that will make you feel good once it’s gone. You can relax and stress less with;

More Time Back

Focus more time on moving out and moving on as we take furniture removal off your plate so you’re not using all your effort to get rid of heavy, oversized furniture with nowhere to go.

Saving Your Money

High-quality, affordable help can be hard to find when you need it most. Know how much you’re spending through transparent and competitive pricing for work done with integrity.

A Quick Turnaround

If getting rid of furniture is more of an emergency than a luxury, Junk Removal Now helps out in any circumstances you can’t control, like a sudden move or an urgent property turnover.

We Work With Everyone
to Get Rid of Considerable Clutter

The why and the where behind furniture removal are different for everyone, but one thing remains the same: it’s not easy to just set your mattress or sofa on the curb and hope it gets taken away for trash. Everyone could use a little help, and our experience removing unwanted furniture clutter extends to everybody in the Colorado Springs area, including:

Homeowners and

The home you bought or currently rent can only hold so much. Declutter, remodel, or simply refresh your living space so you can add new or second-hand pieces to your lifestyle.

Real Estate Agents and Property Managers

We know that when people move on from your real estate or rental property, bulky furniture, such as sofas or mattresses, gets left behind. Remove it to get ready to sell or rent more quickly.

Small Business

Do you have old tables, chairs, or desks that no longer fit your business? Make room for something new as we take care of removing and repurposing your old furniture.

Eco-Conscious Consumers

We can all contribute by working together to minimize waste and our environmental impact by reducing, reusing, and recycling furniture to make it new again for someone else to love.

Seniors and Downsizers

Don’t let all that furniture in your attic, basement, or garage from over the years keep you from downsizing and retiring. Enjoy a clutter-free space while still keeping memories that matter.

DIY Enthusiasts and Upcyclers

Can you breathe new life into old furniture for your do-it-yourself project or upcycling efforts? Work with us to find furniture that can be refurbished or repurposed into something beautiful.

Don’t let an old king-size mattress or bulky furniture ruin your next step. Let us show you how removing what you don’t want can transform any space into a place where you will want to spend your time. Get a free quote for Colorado Springs and surrounding areas!

Professionally Remove Unwanted Furniture from Anywhere

Don’t run the risk of damaging yourself or your belongings by removing furniture on your own at your home or business. If you need help with personal space from a relative no longer with us, we have you covered. Leave the challenge of injury-free furniture removal to the professionals at Junk Removed Now. We do it for a living, so you can keep on living.

Is it Time to Rid Your
Home of Old Furniture?

Whether you’re tired of being at the mercy of your stuff or moving on to another place, we get that there’s always furniture that no longer serves its purpose. We can create clear space anywhere by removing:

Is Your Business Furniture Ready to Quit?

Bring your business up to date with a new look or location that doesn’t include old furniture that deserves to be fired. Responsibly remove your stuff and enhance your brand image with easy removal of:
If you don’t see something you want removed on this list, just ask when you call us for a FREE, no-obligation quote. We’re fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your furniture will be disposed of safely and responsibly. Junk Removed Now has streamlined this process, making it more convenient, and always stress-free.

Don’t Stress Over a Sofa or Mattress Situation That No Longer Serves You

Our fully licensed team at Junk Removed Now understands that moving or decluttering furniture can feel impossible when there’s heavy stuff. No one is just volunteering to help you move, but there are professionals like us who handle it. Save the pieces you love and free yourself from what you no longer need. Get to where you want to be with:

No Hidden Fees

Our prices for high-quality furniture removal are clear and with no hidden fees. You can budget effectively and get 100% satisfaction guaranteed for any job with competitive prices.

Hassle-Free Help

Our service is hassle-free, so your furniture removal will be hassle-free. Let us do the lifting and transport your stuff for repurposing, recycling, or responsible removal — that’s less bother.

Happy Teamwork

With over a decade of experience in the Colorado Springs junk removal business, you’ll work with a team that supports each other and you, which shows in our +100 five-star reviews.

How We Became Experts in Moving Old Furniture with a Proud Mission

I’m Ray Whitcomb, owner of Junk Removed Now, a company I created over ten years ago. As someone who’s neurodivergent with ADHD, I know feeling overwhelmed can leave you frozen, unable to make the changes you want but just can’t do. I’m here to help you! I’ll remove your junk, transforming what’s salvageable into art for a more eco-friendly recycling solution. I describe myself as a professional trash panda or a modern-day King Midas. I see shiny things and say, “Oh, that’s cool. I would rather not just throw it away.” My imagination is only limited by what I find in our dump trucks.

My team is fully licensed, locally owned, and proud to serve Colorado Springs and surrounding communities with fair rates and fast service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your service with:

Furniture Removal

We’re considerate to you and your property, and we’ll haul away most furniture along with anything else except hazardous waste and unsafe materials (no dead bodies, please).

More Responsible

We work with many local organizations to redirect, recycle, and upcycle all the old furniture we can, like finding the perfect size, color, and quality chairs for classrooms in need.

Convenient Space

Moving furniture is never convenient, but we’ll show you it can be. Professionals can take away your old stuff at a time that works for your busy schedule and isn’t disruptive.

Customers Say Our Cleanouts Outclean the Competition

See what our cleanout customers are saying in five-star ratings about Junk Removed Now:

Carrie P.
Google Review
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“I needed some old furniture removed and did some online searching. I found some great reviews for this company, not to mention I am a fan of supporting local small businesses. Am I impressed! At 11 AM, I secured an onsite quote between 12-2 the same day. To my surprise, JJ & Niko arrived at exactly noon! They were very professional, gave me a great price, and removed everything I needed within a matter of minutes. I would highly recommend calling this company before anyone else. Thanks, JJ & Niko! You guys are awesome!”
Cliff S.
Google Review
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“I had a sofa hauled away, and another moved from my basement to the upstairs living room. JJ and Oliver arrived on time to do the work after calling to say they were on their way. Both of them were professional and courteous. They completed the moves in 30 minutes. I will definitely hire them again in the future and recommend them to all my friends and family.”
Jonica S.
Google Review
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“I wish I could give more than five stars! JJ and Oliver were beyond amazing. Not only were they extremely friendly, but very genuine and considerate. They removed two couches and a loveseat that weren’t the most convenient to move. They were quick and respectful of our property. They did a phenomenal job! I have saved their number. If I ever need junk removed again, they will be my first call!”
April K.
Google Review
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“The Junk Removed Now crew was fantastic. They were able to get me on the schedule the day after my estimate for junk removal/basement cleanout. They arrived on time and finished really quickly, and they utilized the truck space so well that the cost was kept as low as possible. Next time I have a job like this I’m calling them again! Thank you!”
Krista H.
Google Review
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“I found these guys online after a national company canceled my appointment at the time they were supposed to arrive. Ray and a few of his guys showed up within an hour to clean out all the junk I had ready — and it was A LOT! They did great work. They were efficient and friendly, and they knocked out my four large piles in no time. They came to my rescue when another company had let me down.”
Shawn K.
Google Review
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“I hired this company to clean out a foreclosed home that I had purchased. I have to say that everyone on their team did an amazing job!! I highly recommend them to people I know in the area. I was completely shocked at how fast they completed the job. I would definitely use Junk Removed Now again when I need a cleanout.”
Earl W.
Google Review
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"Amazing service the guys went above and beyond what I was expecting and were really quick. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone needing this service!"
Melody Espada
Google Review
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I called and they came within hours. I had been trying to get rid of a tv for a very long time. Service was complete within 15mins. Very professional. I honestly would prefer to pay them vs using the trash company. They have my business for junk removal going forward. Thank you.
Patrick M.
Google Review
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Punctual, reliable and cost effective. Great communication skills and very easy to work with, I highly recommend them over anybody else!"
Carol Erickson
Facebook Review
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This company is not good...it is beyond great!! I presented them with a huge task. I expected they would say we can't do it. But no. They jumped right in and did a super good job. And the price didn't break my bank account. If you want good, friendly service, punctuality, reasonable fees, go with these guys. I'll use them again!!!

Questions Everyone Has About Furniture Removal

There are a lot of questions that come up when you’re stuck with getting rid of an oversized, bulky item. Here are answers that can help:
Hiring a team like Junk Removed Now is key if you want to stress less about your project and save time and money. It doesn’t matter if you need help where you live, at a family member’s place, or a business. Get peace of mind when our fast, efficient process leaves you less overwhelmed and more excited about the clear space you’ve created. We take all the headaches, hassles, (and junk) away for you.

Junk Removed Now doesn’t mess around — except with hazardous waste, like lead, asbestos, or dead bodies (enough said). Got a dead squirrel in the trash or old paint cans? We will kindly decline.

We’re on the lookout for things like your old king-sized mattress or broken sofa. Tell us about what size of furniture we’re working with when you reach out for a free estimate. We come in with professionalism and guarantee our work, carefully removing only the items you want to go away in a way that’s safe (for you and our environment.)

Our Colorado Springs community is where we’re from and who we serve proudly, along with Manitou Springs, Cascade, Woodland Park, Monument, Falcon, Security-Widefield, Fountain, Fort Carson, and Black Forest. (We care about cleaning our communities, one location at a time.)

Unlike other companies, we strive to create new uses for your unwanted stuff or clutter whenever and wherever possible. How do we do this? There is a large disconnect between what thrift stores will not take and what they can’t recycle through normal channels. You’ll be surprised how Ray can reuse several items with some innovative, out-of-the-box thinking.

We have networked with several local organizations, schools, artists, and DIYers to divert items from the landfill. This has led to many beautiful creations and a stronger community. We are always looking to expand our network of collaborators and supporters.

The good news is that you’re already in the right place. Simply fill out our form on this page, and then we can get started getting to know you better. Tell us about the unwanted furniture affecting your life — whether it’s for yourself or someone else. You can share any concerns you have with us. Don’t ever be embarrassed or ashamed.

(It’s no one’s business to judge, certainly not ours! Like we’ve said before, no cleanout is too big or small for us to help out with. You deserve to have someone on your side to make things easy.)

Dream Beyond the Clutter for
the Greater Good

Declutter and destress your life while also doing your part for our environment. You’ve got nothing to lose but your unwanted furniture. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate to get started!