Why We Say No Hazardous Waste AND Dead Bodies

What You’ve All Been Waiting For…

Many people often ask us why we can’t haul dead bodies. We don’t question why that is such a popular question but we decided maybe we could put your curiosity to rest.

So one day we had a job come in and the client was a personal friend of Ray’s (the owner of Junk Removed Now) so he decided to personally show up to the job himself. The job is running smoothly and all is well…that is until the client asked Ray to throw one last thing into the truck. A little plastic grocery bag. Nothing crazy, right? WRONG! Without thinking, Ray grabbed the bag and prepped to throw it into the truck.

The second his grip released and his hand left the handle of the bag it hit him like a ton of bricks. The stench! Ray had no idea what happened to him, I imagine at this point he was probably wondering if he could charge a plastic bag with assault. When the bag landed in the truck, a mysterious liquid came running out of it. Ray asks what was in the bag and it was at that point that his friend (the client) had said “well I had to kill him.” The man had been dealing with a pesky squirrel that was eating the food out of his bird feeders so he decided to uh…eliminate the problem.

From that point on whenever Ray saw him he would say “we don’t haul hazardous waste OR dead bodies, Darnell!” The phrase stuck, yet I think we would oddly have more business if it hadn’t.